Pedasi Sustainable Community Underway

Construction has begun on the sustainable community concept being implemented within Rio Oria Estates.  The design was completed on the manager's house and construction will begin in December, construction is alread underway for a storage and solar power facility, and the organic farm is in full swing.  "I am very happy to have provided the platform for which Coley Hudgins and Curt Butz are realizing their vision of developing a sustainable community in Panama", said Joel Jelderks, co-founder of Salzburg Development.  The 1.2 Hectare site is located within Rio Oria Estates will feature a small sustainable community complete with an organic farm and off grid living options in small but comfortable homes designed to stay cooler in the tropical climate of Panama.  For more information, contact Salzburg Development and we will put you in touch with the visionaries behind this real life sustainable community, Curt and Coley.