Lomas de Playa Venado FAQ

Is the property titled?

Yes, the property is fully titled.

What is the size of each lot?

Lot sizes range from 1,00m2 to 3,000m2 - 1/4 to 3/4 acres.

How far is the project from surfing?

Approximately 2 minutes.

How far is the project from fishing boat access?

Approximately 10 minutes to El Ciruelo, this is the closet launch point at the moment.

How far to town of Pedasi?

Approximately 20 minutes.

What services are provided with each lot?

Roads, water and electricity will be provided to each lot.

What is the status of the services?

Roads are 90% complete. Electricity and water are in process.

Are there any ownership or maintenance dues required for lot owners?

Upon closing, each lot has a common area maintenance fee of $80 per month for the maintenance of roads, electricity, water, and green areas.

Are there any restrictions within the project?

Yes, there are a simple set of community rules that encompass construction, usage, noise, lights, cutting of trees, etc., designed to both enhance and protect the nature of the project.